Dzongu is a triangular region in North Sikkim. It is bounded by the Teesta River in the south-east, Tholung Chu River in the north-east and by mighty mountains in the west. It borders the Kanchenjunga Biosphere Reserve.

Dzongu is a village in North Sikkim which is about 70 kms from Gangtok and has been established as an official reserve for the Lepcha people, the aborginal inhabitants of Sikkim. The Lepchas have strong ties with nature and have lived here for centuries. An understanding of their culture, customs and language helps to foster an appreciation of the beautiful mountains, deep forests and the emerald-colored Teesta River.

The region sees little tourist activity and hence seems almost untouched. It is sparsely populated and most of it is covered with dense vegetation. Rice fields and Cardamom plantations can be seen near the villages. Now the Sikkim government has been promoting homestays in this region and a lot of nature lovers visit this place for a relaxing trip.