Our Main Objective

Drawing from my own travels and journeys, what the main objective of being involved in the travel industry here is to ensure you have someone working for your holiday to be as hassle free as might be practically possible – Hotels, Cabs, Locations and Experiences – all blended in seamlessly so that your long cherished holiday is memorable indeed.

From my own experiences about how complicated dealing with travel operators can be, and how it becomes a source of constant worry if the trip you have been planning for so long shall actually be hassle free and would let you have a great time rather than be a source of constant worry. It can be a pretty intimidating task to find people you can actually plan your holidays through while also being sure it would be executed as you thought.

Those experiences from my own travels through the country and beyond and working from my own experiences, what I have sought out to do is to streamline things so that you do not have to face those issues again.

What We Ensure

What we as a travel company have set out to do is to ensure that our knowledge and networks in the eastern Himalayas serve its purpose in ensuring that you do not have to worry about coordinating between the stakeholders involved in your holiday are all taken care of – Personally & Professionally.